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Family law is an area of law that encompasses legal matters that involve the family unit.  Those matters include domestic relations, divorce, dissolution, legal separations, custody, marriage, child and spousal support, property division, stepparent and grandparent custody and visitation, adoption, juvenile delinquency, children services investigations and cases (including abuse, neglect, and dependency), and civil protection orders/civil stalking protection orders. 

Family law is a complex area of law.  Family lawyers must address several major issues that impact families, several of which are set forth below.

1. Custody and parenting time between children and parents.  Who has the children and when, where they attend school, who pays for their insurance, who makes decisions regarding their well-being, as well as other important decisions regarding the children.

2. Child Support.  Whether or not there will be child support exchanged and the amount of such support.  How does self-employment, bonuses, stock options, retirement, unemployment impact the child support guidelines. When can the child support be modified?  Can child support continue after the child is 18?  Are there reasons for deviations from the guideline – for example upward because of the child’s needs, or downward because of each parent’s contribution towards the children’s expenses and significant parenting time.

3. Spousal Support.  Whether an award of spousal support is appropriate and, if so, the amount and duration of the support. Additionally, if the court retains jurisdiction to modify the amount and duration once your marriage has been terminated.

4. Property Division. Who will be awarded what property, what will happen to a joint residence, what happens with bank accounts, pensions, and retirement accounts.  How is a business or ownership in a business divided?  What happens when a person inappropriate wastes assets or incurs debt?  What happens to the pets?

5. Stepparent or Grandparent Custody.  Can a stepparent or grandparent obtain custody or visitation with children? 

6. Same-Sex relationships. Can a partner obtain custody or visitation rights with a child not born from the relationship? Can a partner obtain custody or visitation rights with a child born during the relationship from artificial insemination?

6. Adoption. Assistance with the adoption of a child or stepchild or the contesting of the adoption of a child.  

7. Juvenile Delinquency. Representing juveniles charged with a felony, misdemeanor, traffic offense, and defending the transfer of a juvenile to the adult court system. 

8. Children Services Matters. Representing families investigated by Children Services and/or who are involved in cases where their children are alleged to be abused, neglect, or dependent. 

9. Civil Protection Orders/Civil Stalking Protection Orders. Assisting individuals in obtaining or defending protection orders filed against them.