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The Nigh Law Group’s attorneys have extensive courtroom experience. Joseph Nigh believes that to be able to adequately evaluate a case and advise a client an attorney must have experience dealing with cases in court. Joseph has handled cases in nearly half of Ohio’s 88 counties. He has obtained favorable decisions for clients throughout Ohio. Courtney Zollars and Elizabeth Werner have considerable experience in various aspects of family law litigation. It is this cumulative experience that allows Nigh Law Group the ability to negotiate favorable resolutions outside of the courtroom as well as obtain them in the courtroom.  

Joseph A. Nigh

Founding Partner, Attorney 

Joseph believes in a dual focus approach to litigation. He feels that an attorney should always work to resolve a case without a trial to avoid the costs, both financially and emotionally, that clients have with litigation. He also believes at the same time that an attorney should be preparing the case for trial. This dual focus allows the attorney to be prepared for all issues that arise and provide the client with the best alternatives and results in their cases. 

At NLG we understand that each client and each case is unique. Our ability to understand this helps us achieve favorable results for our clients. We believe clients should be informed of the legal process and how their issues will likely be dealt with by the courts. It is our experience in the courtroom that allows us to provide this information.

Many cases require the use of experts. We regularly work with accountants, psychologists, counselors, and economists to assist us in providing the best information to the court on behalf of our clients. It is the ability to identify the need and benefit of using these experts, along with our experience working side-by-side with these experts, that gives us a strategic advantage over other law firms. 

Allow our trusted and experienced trial attorneys and staff to advise you and represent you during your time of need.


Our Attorneys

Courtney Zollars

Courtney A. Zollars

Senior Attorney 

Elizabeth Werner

Elizabeth Werner

Senior Attorney 

Kaila Taylor

Kaila Taylor

Associate Attorney

Blythe M. Bethel

Of Counsel

Rebecca Stumler

Of Counsel

Our Support Staff

Lynn Glass

Lynn Glass Senior Paralegal

Lynn has been a legal assistant for over 18 years, and has worked with Joseph since 2009. Lynn joined Joseph at the origination of NLG. 

Patricia Delaney

Patricia Dulaney Senior Paralegal

Pat has worked as a Paralegal in Ohio and Florida with an emphasis in family law and criminal defense. Pat came to the NLG in August 2020 and brings 35 years of experience to the table, with an emphasis in trial preparation and assistance. Pat obtained much of her education from Ohio University, Athens where she is from, and from life experience working for high profile, experienced trial lawyers. 

Kim Wernick

Kathy Warnick

Bookkeeper and Account Consultant

What Our Clients Say

"I hired Joe after doing a lot of research, and knew he was my man after the first call. He helped me find my child, whom was being hidden by his mother from me. There has not been one stone un-turned or any fact lost on him. He and his co counsel in my case, Courtney Zollars, and office personnel Lynn are the most dedicated,detail oriented, and personable group of professionals you can hope for. "
Chris, Child Custody Case
I cannot express enough gratitude towards the exceptional team at the Nigh Law Group for their unwavering support and guidance during the trying times of my divorce. Their expertise and professionalism in navigating the complexities of the legal process were truly remarkable. Every step of the way, they provided me with thoughtful and personalized advice, reassuring me that I was in capable hands. They listened attentively to my concerns and needs and always went above and beyond to address them in a timely and efficient manner. I must say that without their valuable assistance, I would not have been able to successfully resolve my divorce and move on with my life. I can confidently recommend the Nigh Law Group to anyone seeking reliable and trustworthy legal representation. Thank you, Nigh Law Group, for all that you have done for me!
John, Complex Divorce Case
At the Nigh Law Group, their team of attorneys is committed to providing clients with the most effective and efficient legal representation possible. They understand that going to trial can be both financially and emotionally taxing for clients, which is why they are dedicated to resolving cases outside of the courtroom whenever possible. Their extensive knowledge of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and mediation, allows them to think creatively and explore all options to find a solution that meets clients' needs. By taking a collaborative approach to each case, they work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for clients while minimizing the financial and emotional toll of the legal process.
Steven, Dissolution