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At The Nigh Law Group, our divorce attorneys, each have extensive experience providing clients with personal attention on divorce and family law matters.

Our divorce attorneys are well-known throughout Columbus and Central Ohio for handling complex and high net worth divorce matters for successfully representing clients in divorce proceedings and negotiations where millions of dollars worth of assets, retirement accounts and real property are involved.

Understanding that the outcome of the divorce, including division of property, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support can have a significant long-term effect on the parties involved, we work diligently for our clients to protect their rights and provide for the best possible outcome.

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Columbus and Central Ohio Divorce

Although a decision that is often not easily made, the decision to end your marriage is only the first step down the sometimes rocky road to divorce. There are many decisions to be made, many issues to overcome (legal and otherwise) and many long-term implications resulting from those decisions. That is why it is so important to go into a divorce with a clear understanding of your rights and legal options and a divorce attorney who will work with you every step of the way.

Ohio law provides four ways for a husband and wife to end their marital relationship: legal separation, annulment, divorce, and dissolution.

At the Nigh Law Group our comprehensive divorce and family law experience speaks for itself. We have provided exceptional divorce and family legal services to clients for a total of over 30 years. We are skilled negotiators and experienced trial advocates, with extensive courtroom experience throughout Ohio. 

At the outset of a family law case, our attorneys will identify your objectives and develop a strategy to achieve your goals. We will take the time to understand your individual situation and develop a comprehensive legal solution for you and your family, whether through Divorce or Dissolution. 

We are well positioned to identify and address the complex and overlapping issues that may arise in family law disputes including, but not limited to, domestic violence accusations, child abuse, children’s services matters, child custody and visitation, division of your assets and spousal support.


There are many reasons why people choose to file for a divorce. Typically it is because one party does not wish to terminate the marriage, the two parties cannot reach agreement and/or there is a desire to pursue immediate financial protection, obtain spousal support or protect the children involved.


One of the most contentious and difficult issues in a divorce involves the division of marital property and assets. Whether you are considering divorce or are already entering the process, you need a strategic counselor who can protect your property interests and rights. The attorneys at NLG have experience obtaining optimal property division results for our clients, whether they have minimal assets or complex holdings involving professional practices, family businesses, trust funds, inheritances and intricate financial withholdings.

We are experienced in divorce and property division cases involving: Real estate, business assets, savings accounts, retirement accounts, stock options, IRAs, military pensions and marital or separate property.

In addition to making sure that the court has a clear understanding of all assets and interests, you may also need an attorney to identify or deal with financial misconduct. Our attorneys have experience in cases involving hidden assets and will assert your right to a share of all business accounts, savings accounts, retirements, and other complicated assets of which you may not be aware.

Additional issues may arise involving the valuation of certain property. We will work with appraisers and other professional experts to assess the value of your property and then see that it is equitably distributed as a result of divorce or marriage dissolution.

If you are dealing with the end of your marriage or relationship you must address some of the most difficult decisions of your life. How you answer these questions today will be critical tomorrow and well into your future. That’s why you need the full support of an experienced lawyer you can trust.

Trust the Nigh Law Group and our attorneys to help you during this difficult time.