Columbus High Asset Divorce Attorney

Columbus Ohio High Asset Divorce Attorney 

Individuals with high income and/or significant assets need to be sure they have an experienced Columbus, Ohio divorce attorney representing them. Parties with wealth are often concerned that will lose the money they inherited or worked hard to earn. Making sure you have an attorney like those at the Nigh Law Group who is experienced with high asset cases is important.

Parties that have inherited money or have money in a trust may have a claim that their assets are separate property that the other spouse would not be entitled to in a divorce. In some cases those individuals have already made efforts to protect those assets by entering into what is called an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement. If a party or their spouse has a prenuptial agreement it is important to hire experienced counsel to advise you as to the validity of the agreement and any challenges or limitations such an agreement might have.

If an individual or their spouse may have assets in the way of cash, investments, businesses, or real estate. Each type of asset carries with it its own set of unique challenges. The Columbus High Asset Divorce Attorneys at the Nigh Law Group have helped clients deal with various kinds of high asset cases involving multiple businesses and millions of dollars.

Trust the Nigh Law Group and our attorneys to help you during this difficult time.